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My Theory On The Doctor’s Name

Please continue reading to find out my own theories and a possible spoiler should I be right of course.

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Now I’ve Only Just Realized That Harriot Jones PM from Doctor Who

Is Shaun’s Mum From Shaun Of The Dead

Please Tell Me It’s Not Just Me Who Hasn’t Noticed This

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Doctor Who - Series Seven

"Well, here we go again" - Brigadier Leftbridge Stewart

She’s Still Human

Daleks speeding from every direction of their main base, the space ship suspended in Earth’s orbit with to inhabitants of Earth on board. A human female in her early 20’s with flowing brown hair. The room in question was a form of control room, housing a comparatively larger Dalek to the others in the centre. The room was spherical with a cut out straight edge on the bottom for the Daleks to move across, as well as various platforms that spiral round the circumference of the sphere with platforms for more Daleks. The human female was kept in a holding cell at ‘eye’ level to the larger Dalek.

Her face wasn’t one of fear that would’ve been expected given the circumstance, but simply one of annoyance and anger. She hadn’t experienced anything like this before in her life, so the lack of shock was something that was a puzzle even to the Daleks. She would shout and protest in angry way to the Daleks as to why she was captured and what they had planned for her. Each and every Dalek when questioned would stop, turn their head and reply.


Before moving on and continuing their duties they had to perform. The platforms on the side of the sphere bared at least 2 Daleks each, there was a space in front of the larger Dalek also at eye level where a single Dalek was and took orders before repeating them out loud for the others to hear. The female took no salvation in her questions as each time the same response was given; she gave up and took to lying down in her cell until her time came. All the Daleks in unison however started to repeat a cry.


The female clambered to her feet in panic, what were they going to extract? Would she live? Were some of the questions rattling around inside her brain. She finally took a few deep breaths and picked one.

”Extraction? The extraction of what?”


The Daleks chorused back at her, the light in the cell now turning a darkened red as she begins to feel drained and disorientated. The Daleks are all observing the cage with intent except for one, this particular Dalek was observing the platform that contained the Dalek at eye level with the larger obviously more important one.


The cage containing the woman went back to the white light, as she managed to pause and get her breath back to see in wonder of something appearing before her very eyes. The Daleks all screaming in protests were hopeless compared to what seemed to be a blue police box appearing onto the platform. She wasn’t shocked so much at the fact that something could appear, but more for the fact that something so random could appear. Could it have been something from Scotland Yard? Or something else? As she saw the box appear along with the sounds of groaning and despair, her hopes were not lifted. Even more so by the look of the man that had just stepped out and disabled the Dalek! A fairly tall man with a tweed jacket!? A bowtie!? And a red hat!?

”You’ve come to Earth yet again what do you want with it!”

Demanded the strange man, making the Daleks shudder and reverse slightly from the box in fear. The Daleks responded with a more imposing tone.


The man simply chuckled at the concept, swing his hips slightly from side to side. He then stops suddenly as he observes the woman in the cage.

”Starting already I see, you shouldn’t have done that”

”WHY?” The Daleks responded

”Because now, you’ve got e between you and the Earth!” The madman exclaimed

An argument raged between the madman and the Daleks, the madman confident in his words. The Daleks then began to question the madman on a matter which concerned and worried the woman.


The madman replied calmly and simply

”All that maybe true but she’ll always be something you’ll never be. She’s still human!”

He then got out a wand of some description and where ever he pointed it the corresponding platform would start to explode, he then proceeded to aim the ‘wand’ at the platform the woman was standing on. The cage beams disappeared and a platform began to emerge between her and the madmans box. He screamed at her to go inside before going inside himself, only death cries and fire could be heard before he closed the door behind him.

The woman simply glared and wondered over the spectacle of the madmans box, completely forgetting the important questions. The madman returned her home and left without a word, and to this day that woman still doesn’t know why a strange man in a police box detests her.

Her name was Francine Jones

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TheFezMan Sends His Appologies

After writing a complete plot line to Portal 3 including entity descriptions / Easter eggs / mock up speeches, I’ve realized that I haven’t really been posting stuff onto this blog. If anyone would like to have a look at the ‘Portal 3 - Storyline and Speeches’ document please message me.

I would like to inform all my dearest followers that I am currently working on a biography / Doctor Who - Big Finish / A guide to anything and everything.

But the guide is going to take a life long time to complete

Because of this I haven’t been able to really have time to write fan fiction and some random stories on here, and for that I am truly sorry. I am writing my usual stories continually however but I’ll like them to be unpublished until either books are published, or TheFezMan gets bored.

In the mean time for any MineCrafters out there I have got a dedicated server running 1.1 Vanilla - But won’t be up for some time due to me and my friends testing out the Hack / Mine SMP found in the technic launcher.

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J K Rowling Set To Write Episode Of Doctor Who Series 7


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The Doctor at the End of Time

The inspiration for this was taken by the last part of the last episode of the radio series of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.Therefore will resemble this part dramatically.

The stars of the universe burning out one by one, a spectacular view from the soon to be last place in the universe. A restaurant stuck in a time bubble where the inpending destruction of creation could be seen in relative safety. Ships of all shapes and sizes parked along the gangway leading to the restaurant in question. Inside an array of fanatical beings from all over the known universe, each putting aside their differences to watch the end of the universe in peace. Each table crowed with the sights of Daleks, Cybermen, and even that of the Silurians. An announcer stands in the center platform of the restaurant plain for every guest to see and hear perfectly.

The announcer is unusually dressed but no one decides to question his attire, so standing there resplendant in meticallic like fabrics with a rather useless slime jacket on. He blares into the microphone loud and clear and lists those who are schedulled to arrive.

“Hello and welcome to Milliways the restaurant at the end of the universe, which shall end in a few moments time. I hear we have some rather fanatical guests with us tonight ladies and gents, so will everyone give a big hand for the dolphins of Earth.”

*Squeaking and Squarking of Dolphin cries emit in from outside*

“Nice to hear that they all got their fish. So now I hear that above even the godly entities on table 83 there is one more to endure this unmissable event, so everyone put your hands together for The Doctor!”

*Hands clap but the spotlight reveals a table reserved in The Doctors name empty.*

“No matter folks I’m sure he’ll be with us soon.”

Meanwhile soon after the announcer finishes that part of his longwinded speech, right into the depths of the gangway a blue box begins to pulsate into existance making no progress to stopping. Inside is that of The Doctor frantically pushing buttons and aiming controls with the odd one breaking under the pressure. Amy and Rory are plastered to the stairs of the console room as the stablizers are as usual turned off.

Inside of the restaurant the crowd observes the last of suns die and the impending termination of time and space itself. The guests now sitting round tables of empty dinner plates and in some circumstances just bones, all look up at the blackness and wait patiently in silence.

However inside the Tardis The Doctor has somehow managed to land the Tardis, this with the help of one of Amy’s shoes and a half eaten twix. The Doctor runs out the doors like a shot Amy and Rory following close behind. The restaurant is silent and suddenly disturb by the pound of The Doctor opening the doors to the main chamber. All the guests look at the doors, even the announcer stares in shock. The Doctor in retaliation says this.

“Well, at least I turned up on time.”

The restaurant begins to clap the entrance of The Doctor until he finally reaches his seat. Rory bowing his head at every lifeform as jot to offened, and Amy walking static shock after knowing that The Doctor has defeat most if not all the beings in there already. All three sit the clapping stops and The Doctor, Amy, and Rory stop also to gaze at the dead black sky.

The scenery of blackness turning into a wilderness of every colour as the universe explodes and dies around them. All the guests stand except The Doctor, Amy, and Rory and begin to sing to the tune of Auld Lang Syne.

“The universe has now ended,
hear all the planets die.
Feel the love of all of us,
that we can’t and shall not lie.
Through centuries our lives have crossed,
and still our hearts do sing. Oh hold the thoughts of all of us,
till the universe does ring.

How we had those careless fights,
we know that they aren’t right.
Then The Doctor comes and stops it all,
bringing us into the light.”

“Then The Doctor comes and stops it all,
bringing us into the light.”

Everyone except for Amy and Rory noticed the madman with a box shedding a tear for the whole of creation, harmonizing like they should.

My Other Half’s Fabulous Artwork!

Her Rendition Of TheFezMan and Lou


Apologies Lou They’re Just Too Good Not To Share!

My Other Half’s Fabulous Artwork!

Her Rendition Of TheFezMan and Lou


Apologies Lou They’re Just Too Good Not To Share!

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Killer Ocean - Doctor Who Fan Fic - Quick

-The Doctor, Rory, and Amy are standing on a raised platform over-looking an ocean. The sun in the distance is only just rising, and a small amount of steam can be seen to be rising from the water.-

Rory: So what’s happening then?

The Doctor: The water has developed a consciousness and has begun killing people within 10 minutes of contact; the atmosphere is being flooded with its vapour and its only 4 hours until the vapour kills us.

Amy: Is there a way we can stop it?

The Doctor: We’ve got two power stations which are in overload, five radio towers which are on fire, a Tardis trapped underneath the ocean where no one can get to it, and you’re asking me if we can stop it.

-Amy and Rory stare blankly at The Doctor in despair, hoping that his slightly childish face would give some promise.-

-The Doctor begins to smile-

The Doctor: Of course I can.

-Amy begins to smile Rory glances at Amy for reason and just smiles at The Doctor anyway.-

The Doctor: You don’t understand do you Rory?

-Rory begins to spin his head between the yes and no nods. Before he is able to get a word in The Doctor intrudes-

The Doctor: Never mind I’m sure you’ll pick it up along the way, or get killed one of the two not a problem for you I’m sure.

- The Doctor walks back down the ramp leading to the base of one of the radio towers, Amy and Rory follow behind Rory narrowly missing a pipe which has just fallen.-

-The Doctor, Amy, and Rory make their way into the still on fire control room of one of the towers. The Doctor picks up a fire extinguisher and blasts the fires. When the smoke clears they all see a forest of broken wires and dead switches.-

Rory: So how do you intend to use that lot to get the Tardis, and somehow save the planet from the water.

The Doctor: Well Rory you are assuming right all this lot is dead, but I only intend to use the signal wave power of this radio tower rather than the tower itself.

Rory: Sorry, what do you mean?

The Doctor: THIS!

-The Doctor forces his sonic screwdriver deep into the mess of wires, and the sonic begins to flicker through every setting before settling one. As the sonic is bleeping a small light flickers in the destroyed dashboard, an unusual wind picks up in the room and a familiar sound begins to fill the air.-

The Doctor: Linking my genetic links, back by the sonics genetic links, then feeding that through a signal booster gives us exactly what we need.

-Engines roar and the relieving site of the Tardis materializes in the control room. The Doctor claps his hands, before putting the sonic away and opening the doors-

The Doctor: And that’s how you get a Tardis out of a hostile ocean.

-The Doctor, Amy, and Rory all enter the Tardis. Amy and Rory stay by the doors as The Doctor begins to hook over 100 meter wires to the bottom of the console.-

The Doctor: Come on you two I can’t just do all this by myself.

-Amy and Rory approach The Doctor taking two ends of wire which The Doctor pushes into their general direction.-

The Doctor: OK follow me back to the control room.

-They follow The Doctor standing helplessly with the wires when the exit the Tardis.-

The Doctor: Give.

-Amy and Rory pass the wires, The Doctor wires them into the control panel using the sonic and runs back inside the Tardis. The Doctor pulls three levers down and then runs to the raised platform outside. Amy and Rory follow, only to find The Doctor spinning on the spot pointing to the transmitter then to the ocean. The broken tower begins to glow as does the ocean the same fire red of particles circle them both. The particles from the ocean begin to fade gradually, the Tardis engines can be heard as if it was taking off. The Doctor walks up to Amy and Rory placing both arms on their shoulders.-

The Doctor: I’m using the Tardis engines to forward the water virus to another part of space and time, they’ll be happy and no longer a threat to this world.

-The particles in both the ocean and on the tower fade completely, with the Tardis engines along with it. The Doctor walks back to the Tardis amongst the ruins, The Doctor stops at the doors leaning out before entering.-

The Doctor: Anyone else rather parched.

Amy: We’re not having water.

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Frozen Snow - Love Soon Lost - Doctor Who Christmas Special 2010 Referrences

This Was Written For The Christmas Of 2011, Description Of The Doctor Who Christmas Special Of 2010……..Christmas Time Can Be Re-Written

How the happiness drained out of his face as snow filled the early evening sky, the sounds resonating through the air of light carols and sweet melodies sending everyone into bliss. All the while he just stood there looking up into the dense clouds hopefully and lonely. A lone tear made its way down his face as he watched, running cold and bitter across his face in the weather. Both his eyes began to water as he lowered his head and watched the couple he put together spend their final and happy night together. He marvelled that in times not so long ago he was in the same position, he was just unaware at the times and days the deed would happen. He gazed deep into the scene as the snow landed on them seemingly without reaction or cold, they just smiled as she sang the sweet melody into the night sky through the microphone. The deserted back streets of this town were now filling fast with the first sightings of snow in decades. The families with people all ages from toddler to elderly were gazing up at the stars from where the snow was falling.

The madman staring at these two lovers from afar started to frown and gaze to the filling floor. Knowing full well that the times he had with his beloved are long gone, despite their love still going strong their realities will never synchronize again. He turned to the boy standing next to him, not a personal relation with the madman but was indeed a younger version of the man in the couple. The madman shoos the boy back into the blue box he is leaning against and soon follows. The wind picks up as the doors are closed; the engines roar, and the couple finally break eye contact for a brief moment. The man that had brought them two together has now gone from this place, possibly never to be seen again. They knew that despite them being together by morning they’ll never be able to see each other again. The madman returns soon after to collect the friends he saved that day, with the couple nowhere in sight. He lets them into his box of tricks and shuts the door behind them leaving him outside to gaze at the snow alone. His eyes look up longingly as the last time he saw real snow was with the company of his love. His mind turning to a paste of emotion remaining strong and vigilant in physicality, he strains to look happy and says.

“Half way out of the dark”

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Because College Work Is Too Mainstream

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